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* Multidisciplinary rehabilitation [massage, acupuncture, TENS, ultrasound, laser, percussion]

* Ice / heat

* Physiotherapy exercises [stretching, strengthening]

* Rest / sleep

* Medications for pain, inflammation, muscle spasm [see your doctor]

Whiplash is an incredibly common motor vehicle accident injury, and one that can significantly diminish quality of life, work productivity, and participation in daily activities. your ability to work and your quality of life. Unfortunately whiplash treatment programs don’t always successfully resolve symptoms, leaving patients with prolonged or chronic pain and disability.

Neck pain, stiffness, and functional restrictions resulting from motor vehicle accidents are referred to clinically as whiplash-associated disorders (WAD), and are graded on a scale of severity from I - IV. The majority of whiplash cases are classified as a WAD I - III, meaning that the patient doesn't require surgery. Instead, patients with WAD I, II, or III are cared for using conservative treatment strategies such as multidisciplinary rehabilitation and medication.

Why do whiplash treatments fail to work for some people?

Most patients with WAD I, II, or III recover from their injury within 3 - 6 months while a small subset go on to develop and suffer from chronic pain and disability. Patient risk factors for whiplash treatment failure include:

* Age. Older patients are more at risk of chronic whiplash symptoms.

* Prior history of neck pain. If you were already suffering, you are more likely to keep suffering.

* High levels of initial pain and disability following the car accident.

* Low mood and feelings of depression about levels of pain and disability.

* PTSD / symptoms of an acute stress disorder within the first four weeks of injury.

* Patient avoids activities due to fear of further pain or injury (kinesiophobia).

If you have questions about your whiplash injuries sustained in an accident, call 416-644-3999 or Consultation is free and confidential.

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