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Tips on the Road to Rehabilitation

  • Don't let your insurance company dictate your rehabilitation provider after an accident. You are free to choose.

  • Weekly treatments are required for meaningful progress.

  • Multidisciplinary rehabilitation that includes active ( e.g. chiropractic, stretching, strengthening) and passive modalities (e.g. massage, IFC, acupuncture) is better for healing your whole body.

  • Talk to your doctor about your rehabilitation program so that there is coordination of your care.

  • Counselling is important for rebuilding your psychological strength. You risk depression, anxiety, and chronic pain if you avoid talking to about your feelings. Seek out supportive dialogues.

  • Be patient. It takes time to heal. Many injuries require long term treatment.

We are here to assist you with your rehabilitation after an injury. Call us at 416-644-3999 for a free and confidential consultation or email:

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